Why is this chip the only one?

Of all the Android boxes i have, the RK3399 is the only one that reminds me of a computer CPU not just a square hunk of silicon like the others?

I remember in around 2000 i got into overclocking desktop computers, celeron Pentium 3 era. I remember guys doing this thing called lapping where they would flat sand the top of the chip so it would make a better bond to the heatsink.

I wonder if some of these chips (other then the RK3399) would benefit from a good lapping

I wouldn’t really suggest that :sweat_smile:,
Maybe try to use some THERMAL GRIZZLY conductonaut (Liquid metal) as the interface material between the chip and heatsink (DO not use if heatsink is made of aluminum or else the liquid metal will chomp chomp on the heatsink (same too for the IHS)

I wasnt sugesting it but i just wondered if they would benefit from it like the RK3399 has that nice smooth cover over it, i wonder what it looks like under that cover?

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pretty sure it is just a simple IHS

I got a picture of the RK3399 under the metal heatspreader.

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Wow so it actually has a glass core? And are those little cache chips around the sides?

I am sorry, which glass :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
and what are cache chips ?!?

Well i dont have a good look at it but im thinking of the older CPUs of the past where the actual core is a small bit of hardened like glass connected to a small board for the pins.

Those little things sitting around the shiny glass section i thought were like ram for the processor or CPU cache but im just guessing

The blue part in this image is the actual “core” mounted to a board with pins so it can be mounted and unmounted easier the bottom sode has all the cache chips

Intel CPU

Hehe sorry, but that Core is not covered by glass, That’s just the substrate material which is made of bare silicon, and those are not Cache chips those are RAM modules,

if that’s how you call them then sorry, that is your wish but that’s just how I call them :grinning:

BTW is that a Pentium III, I still have one of those in my attic,
Ahh ! Nostalgia, :woozy_face:

I think it is a glass core processor

RK3399 glass 1 RK3399 glass 2

Cache is memory i thought but its closer to the CPU then Ram and its faster but its kinda the same thing more is better


Let me reiterate that for you, there is no such thing as a glass core processer !,it is the surface of the Bare silicon substrate, not glass !, and Cache is more different from ram it is like the physical Registers on which processers holds data for processing, like RAM but just way more faster

I never really knew all the exact names for the parts of a processor. This is the first time ive heard of “substrate” the glass thing i was talking about is the die, its glass like to me. Ive had processors in the past and if your not careful they can crack and splinter and chip like glass but imo its a better surface to bond a heatsink to. The heat spreader i think also helps protect the die

My point is the 3399 CPU package is more like a computer processor then say the A311D or S905 which reminds me more of a memory chip then processor.

The 3399 seems more advanced with all of the parts then the other cheaper processors

I hope they continue with that architecture because its 4 years old and its still one of the faster processors in these devices ive seen.

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yes pure crystalline sillicon substrate has the look and feel of glass but its just sillicon, infact inside the A311D its the same substrate like material as you see exposed in the RK3399, but it is just encased in that plastic/epoxy package, rather than being covered by metal in the RK3399.

yes its been 4 years, but that architecture is quite old, if you think that’s fast you should see the speed of those processors with the ARM v8.x architecture, I have seen some even demolish high performance i7 processors, like the new Nvidia Xavier NX,wish Khadas will bring new processers to the game :thinking: