Why is there no SPI on 40-pin header?

Oh my God! … There is realy no SPI interface!

Even the humble Arduiono has SPI interface. I won’t say that I2C is slower, but any SBC board should have both SPI & I2C by default.

It is there just disabled… modifying the dts files and recompiling should provide access to spi

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If one does that, can he have both I2C and SPI interface?

I believe one of the I2C ports are multiplexed with SPI meaning they share the same pins
if SPI is activated that I2C will be disabled

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@DROBNJAK There have two i2c on 40-pin header . One of them uses the same pins as SPI . But another has no conflict with SPI and can be used at the same time .

More details:


VIM1 has two I2C channels as well. Can one of these be used for SPI and how?

@ufneeme VIM1 has no external SPI to 40Pins henader