While Led Blink

I have Vim 3 pro. I deleted the android from the device and installed ubuntu xfce. The white led blinks when I turn on the system. continues as long as the device is turned on. Is this a problem?

Power. Xiaomi 20000Mah 45watt powerbank with Type C

Hello, It has been a while since I have used Ubuntu on the VIM3, but I believe there is a setting for LED behavior. Such as Always on, Heartbeat or Off. Check settings.

If your using linux with the 4.9 kernel, White is supposed to blink (by default), no problems whatsoever :slight_smile:

note: afak, if you want to turn it off or make it do something else, you can check the sys/class/led…

I could not find it in settings. Can you write what should I do in which folder? It’s actually a very simple thing. There should have been a little app about it.

its not accessible via a folder sry I didn’t mention it…,
you have to do something like a command
echo none > /sys/class/leds/sys_led/trigger

ubuntu trouble for you. So I had to restore the android. Even the simplest settings are very difficult. I installed VLC, it won’t open. 4k videos from youtuben do not open. 4k doesn’t open in its own video player. I did not recognize the LTE modem, it is very difficult to install drivers. etc.

4k struggles because of the software acceleration bottleneck…
we expect VPU support to be seen soon…
but it is your preference, please mark solution and close topic

Thank you :slight_smile:

It is very unusual that VLC does not open. You can post what command you used and people here can help you.

4k does not work well on many SBC devices right now.

Your LTE device does not work because the kernel was likely compiled without support for a cellular dialup protocol called MBIM.

You should not need to install any drivers when the provided kernel has them built in. This is up to the manufacturer to recompile the kernel with only a few more options but not bloat it up too much. They have opted to keep it very lightweight so it is easy to compile and run.