Which OPamp Inside?

Which opamp is the Khadas using inside ?

Hardware docs including the schematic are available. That’ll show you which opamps are in which locations, the regulators supplying them, and a whole lot more.

I just can’t find them, it’s 6 pages of complete info overload.

I’d just say OPA1662 etc and the question is nailed…
I’m familiar with Ti chip codes etc ‘LMExxxx’ ‘OPAxxxx’

…this schematic stuff above my decoding/pay grade.

RT6862/6863, you need to find their datasheet, no idea of the chip maker

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OK, got it, an uncommon OPamp manufacturer in China…Semiteh (胜敏特)

…is why I could not see the commonly known chip codes scanning all over the schematics.

Nope, the KTB used Japan branded OPA:


so, now that you know what are the opamps, what will you do with tht info ? if it is for swaping in and out various other models, just forget about it, we are in the era of miniature SMD components; I’m not event sure you can easily locate and even,desolder those opamps

I am sure the choice khadas has made is very good , I am not sure that there are better sounding options in the price enveloppe of today’s TB configuration

I just wanted to know if it was an opamp I was familiar with inside…

I liked (the now obsolete) LME49990, the new closest version of that = OPA1612 and the highpower version OPA1622 (100mA) which is my current fav. chip…those 3 were very transparent, dynamic and neutral to my ears…

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