Which chip has the best GPU?

Of all the current and past CPUs which one has the best GPU?

I didnt know for a while that the GPU was in the CPU there were other chips on the boards and i thoght they were the GPU took me a while of reading then learned the GPU is stuck with the CPU and what you get is what you get

Whats been the better GPU out so far?

I think the Mali-T820MP3 ran better then the 860MP4 it looks smoother to me then the 860 for some reason maybe the heat of the 3399 ran the GPU to hot or vice versa

I do like the Mali-G52-MP4 though in that new A311D chip

The mali G31 in the S905X2 and X3 doesnt look so good imo looks grainy i have 4 different boxes with the X2 and X3 chips

G52 - MP4 is the best among them all… But I think A311D has G52 - MP2 not MP4 as reported by softwares like “clinfo”

Well Amlogic lies about everything else why not throw an old GPU into a new CPU just till they get rid of em all

Then put the MP4 in the A311D PRO! with the new and improved artificial clock speeds!

Are you sure about this ? Please provide your evidence.


numbqq, hello

Could this be a firmware error?

maybe there is information on other OS? please give information!

vim3 pro/Android/aida64

Yep I saw the same thing too, it was the same report for me as well, I got confused too. :neutral_face:
I have a bad feeling about it though…

Hello @Archangel1235 @Vladimir.v.v @Electr1

It seems that there are 2 Shader Processors (cores) in the GPU and each core has three Execution Engines.
MP4 doesn’t mean 4 Shader Processors (cores). Maybe it is MP6 for 6 EE ? I need to check with Amlogic.


Thank! we will expect more information from you!


Yes, In that case then I will check with the ARM/Mali forums just once more for reference.

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This data was from Wikipedia and some Arm forums,
I am not sure about how true this data is,
but this was what I was Able to get from them

The VIM3 aka the A311D,
Has 2 pixel cores aka the Shader cores with a more fluid name
4 SIMD lanes which is the “4” in MP4
6EE are the 6 execution engines, Since we have 2 Shader cores, 6/2 = 3 execution engines per core

@numbqq please verify this Information, thank you

I believe this is the correct quote.


My bad Should have done more research…

MP# the “#” represents the simultaneous execution lanes (kinda like SMT or hyperthreading like 2core 4thread)

The conformation for the same… S905x3 has G31-MP2 here is the Aida64 result

Image source https://androidpctv.com/review-tanix-tx3-s905x3-opinion/

Kinda wonder what T860 Mp3 means :stuck_out_tongue: ??

Yep exactly, so the 2 shader cores technically are like hyperthreaded cores, so they have dual pipline execution for each core, giving us that logical MP4 structure, but physically only two cores.

I’d rather just name it MP2 and call it a day. confusing us with broad terms ain’t gonna take us nowhere

@Archangel1235 I have got info that, it also is only dual pipeline per core, with one pipeline of each core unified.
basically dual shader cores with one pipeline in common, with each core with that hyperthreaded thingamajig :crazy_face:

Confirmed with Amlogic that:

There are 2 Shader Processors (cores) in the GPU and each core has three Execution Engines(ALU).


@numbqq this is correct then, right?

especially this part,

this is most likely correct
2 × 3 = 6

Actually there is no MP concept any more, it is only for ARM Public version.
So you just need to know there 2 cores and 6 EE.

Oh, I see, thank you for getting that data from Amlogic @numbqq :slight_smile: