Which batch of Tone 2 Pro's are available on Amazon?

If I were to purchase a Tone 2 Pro through Amazon today, which batch would I be getting?

Amazon US and UK Tone2 Pro’s have the latest v1.2 firmware.

Amazon DE Tone2 Pro’s have the previous v1.0 version.


Thank you! In the US btw, great to hear.


How can I check firmware number? I bought tone2 pro from amazon us couple of days ago but serial number begins with 11. How can I send a PM to you also?

Hello, Welcome aboard.
If you have the Tone 2 Pro installed and connected to a Windows PC, click start, click Khadas folder, click Khadas Tone Control Panel. When the Control panel opens, click Info tab, look for “Revision”, that will be the firmware version installed.
Alternatively, you can look in the system tray for the Khadas logo, click to open the Khadas Audio Dashboard(Khadas Tone Control Panel).

To send someone a private message, click their avatar, there you will see an option to send a message.

Thanks for the reply. But I use Macbook. As I understand I have to find a windows device.

My apologies, I have no experience on Macs. Perhaps @Eric68 or @tsangyoujun can offer a solution.

We will release graphic DFU tool for macOS soon, but before it’s released that, you can follow up the video below for instructions:


Thank you for the info

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