Which 15.6 inch touch display modules recommend

I would like to connect a 15.6 inch touch screen module to the eDP port and do the touch input with the connection next to it. (Edge-V). Unfortunately I couldn’t find an exact description for the TP port.

Found many touch displays with “40-pin eDP Touch (on-cell)” with the built-in touchscreen functionallty.
Found many NON TOUCH displays mith eDP 30-pin connector.
I need the touch function, - what shoud i do?

Which standard does the display have to meet in order to be able to work with the TP port?

Which displays can be recommended?

As far as I have read it is definitely necessary to recompile Android to use the eDP port. -Is that correct?
Would like to use Android 10.

Edge V uses standard 30 pin eDP connector, the TP pins are not standardized and are for use with the TS050 touch screen

regd. Android software, yes it will be necessary to create a display configuration so that it gets detected and will used, ask khadas team for any support, they will do the best they can :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok, then I can use the esp 30 pin port to drive a 1980x1080 display.

I have several displays with 30 pin edp.
Always the display side is IPEX connector. Usually the cable to the comon driver boards uses IPEX to FPC flex cables.


but if i connect the display directly to the Edge-V i need a cable with IPEX connector on both sides.
Could enybody advise me where i can find such one. Or can anybody tell me a keyword of the right cable?