Where is the Ubuntu Image

I’m afraid I am finding this forum layout very hard to use especially to find particular topics.

I just received my VIM2. I’m quite impressed by the Android performance, but I do want to try it with Ubuntu, however I’m not really interested in building my own.

Is there a standard Ubuntu image I can burn to an SD and then boot from the SD?

hope to hear from you soon.


Unfortunately no, there is no Ubuntu image for sd card installation, i have been requesting this for a long time, i have Vim1 pro, they still haven’t released it.

I do not understand why it is so hard to make it, every sbc except Vim has this.

I am not satisfied with support for now, and i don’t believe that things will change in the future.

ok, thats upsetting but not to worry, I have located the dual boot image, I assume I have to put that into the flash memory, I will try to locate some instructions, but this boards layout makes it very hard to locate information like that.

Hello, @balbes150 offers several Linux varieties that can be boot and run from SD card/USB flash drive. These make no change to installed(eMMC) OS. If you just want to try Linux on VIMs, my want to try them.
An example here.

Have a look at Khadas Docs for information on flashing and more. Have a look at the Bootcamp section.

You are not alone, me too!

I presume you want to retain Android in eMMC? (I have little interest and flashed the eMMC first with the MATE image, more recently with the server image as I prefer a minimal linux.)

Would expect that making a booting card
cf http://docs.khadas.com/bootcamp/BootingCardVsBurningCard/
and http://docs.khadas.com/bootcamp/CreateLibreELECBootCardViaCLI/

except use update.img from your preferred flavour http://docs.khadas.com/basics/FirmwareResources/ would work? But haven’t tried it myself.

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thanks all, I will check these out and report back when I get time to use it.