Where is kresque for VIM1S?

Hi, I made a working Homeassistant supervised on my VIM1S, now I want to dump intere EMMC system to clone and reuse it at needed putting system image file into EMMC, now, how to do?
where is kresque for VIM1S? so as for VIM1/2/3 I can dump and install SdCard system on EMMC?

maybe it could work usind dd command, but how?



If the os is on sdcard then insert it in any computer and create an img of it using dd.

Then copy the file on sdcard with any os of vim1s and then flash that img on emmc of vim1s.

For dd command you can search it online it’s very simple.

thanks, ite have backup img file on my pc, but, how to “then flash that img on emmc of vim1s.” with witch commands, by dd? or by oowaw tool? or how? thanks again

ok, it’s easy:
boot VIM1S from oowaw and by its menu: dump EMMC image

to rewrite dumped image to emmcm same:
write image to EMMC from oowaw menus.
Only works on sdcard/USB Key formatted in FAT32 format. Not support NTFS filesystem. I don’t know about EXT2/3/4 Filesystem.

I normally use dd to flash image on emmc.

Yes you need to boot into a linux os from sdcard to be able to flash image on emmc.

at today seemes no system boots from sdcard, I’ve tried ubuntu and debian from official fenix github here. btw, solved with OOWAW tool, directly on EMMC.

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