Where I can get/how to build the latest kernel?

Currently I have main line Ubuntu with kernel 5.4.

I want to build the latest available kernel. For example linux kernel 6.2 or 6.4

I’ve found follow GitHub - khadas/linux at khadas-linux-6.4.y but not sure that it works for VIM4 too and how to build it. Is it suitable for VIM4 ?

I’ve tried to apply current .config.h from the main line (5.4) to khadas-linux-6.4.y but flags in 5.4 .config a bit different with khadas-linux-6.4.y.
Where I should get .config with suitable with VIM4 flags ?

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@Black.S Mainline linux support for VIM4/Meson T7 family is not ready yet, need to wait for it.


Can you provide the way how I can build the latest kernel that supported by VIM4 ?
And what is the latest kernel version suitable for VIM4 ?

Currently the VIM4 supports only 5.4 BSP kernel, and can be built using Fenix.

But new 5.15 Kernel will be released soon and will be available in Q3 of this year.

Thanks for your answer.
Mostly I understand current state but want to clarify for my self one aspect.
As I understand I can’t just download the latest kernel and build it for VIM4 because you usually add some specific code to a standard kernel to support VIM4 devices. I’m I right ?

And [khadas/linux at khadas-linux-6.4.y] (GitHub - khadas/linux at khadas-linux-6.4.y) it’s another branch that don’t work/not suitable with VIM4, their u-boot and etc. Isn’t it ?

Thanks in advance

Yes there are some platform specific modules that need to be, but unfortunately they have not been brought into the upstream kernel.

Yes, that is for VIM1, 2, 3, 3L, Edge only

Great. Right now fell into place. Thanks a lot for your answer.

Can I be joined to the beta release for the new kernel ? I have some problems with gathering specific PMU and want to belive that a new kernel can fix it easelly.

@Black.S there is no beta release at the moment, only the final release as is scheduled.

You can state what features you expect, we can check if its functionality can be ensured from our side.


Great. Thanks.
I’ll try

What’s the current development state of the new kernel for the Vim4? Can we expect it before the end of the year? Talking about requested features, for sure I (and I think lots of others) want working Panfrost drivers!

Hello @Matz3D

5.15 Kernel will be ready for usage by the end of the year.

You can also follow the latest update of VIM4 in Mainline linux: [GIT PULL 0/4] ARM: SoC changes for 6.6


Thanks for your reply, will the new os build support Mesa’s Panfrost drivers?

Yes, mesa’s panfrost drivers support G52 GPU, so it should support out of the box.
but for images to release, it will take some time.

So the new images will be released after the end of the year? Can you estimate a date, roughly?

@Matz3D there is no time estimate on release of image at the moment.