Where are the rockchip mpp libraries installed in the kernel if building from linux with fenix?

I’m trying to use the rockchip mpp library. Looking at the Edge.conf script, it seems like they are installed in the function build_deb_packages_platform. I’m trying to find the libraries in the booted kernel on the Edge, where can I find them?

more info:
Rockchip MPP runs perfectly fine on kernel 4.4 builds. There is a driver for this under drivers/video/rockchip/vpu (and rockchip/vcodec). Also a rkvdec device appears within /dev that seems to be what the Rockchip MPP library is using.
The problem is the panfrost GPU driver does NOT run on 4.4 and requires at least kernel 5.2. I want to decode and play video at a high fps, so i need both MPP and Panfrost, but MPP only works on 4.4, and the Panfrost only works on 5.2 or later. So I seem to be in a bit of a difficult position.