When will we see a VIM4?


One is the main interface, and the other is for extension. It is still uncertain whether it will be designed for dual interfaces

We don’t have any information on NPU yet.

Using so much of resource just for Android use case? :wink:

It deserves much better to be fully utilized.

ye well as you know this is not “legit” ATV so as you know some stuff like netflix atv and some other apps will not work!
Plus i had to do a lot of surgery on the available sdk, lots stuff missing + khadas team made changes that affect the atv side i had to undo them.
i can tell you i have been on it for a couple of days now and i still not finished.
But i like that now the khadas own stuff(fan control etc) as its own independent apps :slight_smile: (nice one khadas team on that!)

Ye you right it deserves better, but if you want it to stay “open” they cant go full legit ATV.
As you know legit atv + open does not compute to google lol




Interesting to see kernel 5.4 image which means upstreaming the support won’t be much.

Half the drivers in the Amlogic 5.4 codebase pre-date modern kernel frameworks so they don’t use them which means you need hacked versions of e.g. ffmpeg/gstreamer to match them (not upstream versions). Amlogic’s codebase also has little concept of backwards compatibility so for distro’s that need to support a wide range of hardware you will only ever get half the devices working. Older devices (not that old) will need 4.9 to be useable.

TL/DR: Linux 5.4 doesn’t mean anything when the driver code is forward ported from the 4.9 BSP which in-turn was forward ported from the 3.14 BSP which in-turn was forward ported from … :frowning:


Hi Khadas Team,

When would be VIM4 available for sale?
We are looking forward.

@Parul The related work has come to an end. will see soon

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Thanks for the update.

Will that work with hulu and netflix?

Netflix no on atv app, but phone app works max SD quality.
Hulu i don’t know since i never used it.

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Will the USB-C have “Alternate Mode” in order to use “DisplayPort” over USB-C?

Frank, any new updates on features plus the release date?

@Silver It will be released this month, and the basic work has been done.


is it possible to power VIM4 with 5V via 40pin header like we could do with VIM1? has been a valuable property for me…

@ufneeme This information can be confirmed when it is released, and it is currently confidential.

Thank you! I can’t wait to see some benchmarks.

My Vim3 runs Linux Khadas 5.15.0+ #2 SMP Tue Nov 9 09:13:20 CET 2021 aarch64 GNU/Linux

I am not understanding why A311D2 couldn’t also run 5.15.

5.4 isn’t really mainline (atleast for us), its just been copy pasta from previous BSP version, so even though it doesn’t need to be mainlined from the ground up, it still has a couple new components that must come to upstream