When will Ubuntu Mate support for VIM3?


I’m using VIM3 Pro with Ubuntu bionic.
But I have found some difficulties while installing apps and drivers on this Ubuntu version. (Teamviewer, Anydesk, Printer drivers, …).

1, When will the Ubuntu Mate is going support for Khadas VIM3 pro?
and Do you have plan to create images for Ubuntu Mate in the future?
2, If I use Khadas VIM3 pro as a computer, can I install Ubuntu Mate for ARM architecture on it?

Please help and give me an advice!

Thank you,
Felix Nguyen.

You should be able to install the Mate desktop Environment on top of the existing XFCE, Assuming that all the dependencies are maintained by Ubuntu Distro ARM aarch64 team.

Hard to say, as it takes alot of work and time to make another DE image and this question would be for Ubuntu Arm team.

Depends on what applications are you looking for. Only if those application developers have an arm aarch64 source then any distro can package it but if the core developers don’t maintain aarch64 source then its very hard to get it to work.

For example anydesk have package for RPi which is armv7(armhf) which might work on VIM3 but its not sure.

Same for Teamviewer.

For Printer cups is available for Armv8(aarch64)
You can try Manjaro yourself using Manjaro Arm Installer. https://gitlab.manjaro.org/manjaro-arm/applications/manjaro-arm-installer

If you want to try Manjaro ARM for Vim3 with Mate then I can get you an Img to try it, We have well maintain updated packaged.

Hope this helps.