When vim3 dual boot

When is dual boot available for vim3?
It would be great if there was ubuntu on the android sd card in EMMC!

It’s available now, I’ve worked with various Linux distributions, including our own Alt Linux.
On emmc I have Alt Linux, and on the SD card there are different versions of Linux, including Khadas Ubuntu.
The boot works as follows: first it tries to boot from USB, then from SD and at the end from emmc.
If there are no bootable disks in USB and SD, then the boot is performed only from emmc.
I managed to boot the system from USB only to Khadas rescue, but maybe I didn’t try hard enough.
Khadas specialists can answer this question more precisely.

So whenever you want to switch, you remove 1 media? That’s not dual boot. That’s regular sequence of boot device priority in uboot

whats a problem?

current mainline uboot dl.khadas.com - Index of /Firmware/uboot/mainline/
support extlinux and efi → GRUB ! both can make boot menu for any distros amount

sure at this moment u need make it by hands

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Can we boot Android on emmc with mainline uboot in spi and bootmode to spi