Whats the best fastest Android firmware for the EDGE right now?

SO after i got my Nvidia shield i thught the Android TV was the best android now that ive been messing with these boards a whie im learning that ide rather have something a little cleaner

Im starting to like the default Khadas 4 icons and the apps button in the cente rwhat ever version that is?

So what is the best fastest version of android for the EDGE right now?

Over in the downloads section the android roms loaded on the Khadas site?

@BowerR64 Try stock rom first, it will give the best performance numbers for now :wink:
Unless you try custom kernel, you won’t get any extra performance juice…

Which one is that?

If you go into the EDGE roms folder which file is the stock one?

The one Khadas provides of course. :slight_smile:
latest one download here: https://dl.khadas.com/Firmware/Edge/Android/Edge_Pie_V191227.7z

All the Edge firmware is here ordered as per version: https://docs.khadas.com/edge/FirmwareAndroid.html

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I would look towards the firmware from the mo123 developer, but this is my personal opinion of course


Yes also another good Android build is by mo123,:+1:

but one can’t make those android firmware faster without custom kernels and lightweight launchers :upside_down_face: so @BowerR64 note that the speed is bottlenecked there, but even then you won’t be able to squeeze much more from the RK3399

The current firmware is already the polished version with a few Years of optimization.

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I did not notice that there were questions on this firmware,
but I’ll say it again which way I would go

Which questions, I was referring to the base Linux Kernel as the limiter,

well yes if you have had good luck with something, or it has done great wonders, it is ones instict to recommend it :slightly_smiling_face:

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I do not call for anything, only expressed my opinion

Yes, mo123’s ROMs may run better, certainly for certain tasks. Benefits include additional features not found in OEM ROMs. And if you want ATV, mo123 might be your only choice for now.
Flashing is easy enough, try ROMs/firmware until you find one best suited to your needs. As to what ROM is fastest, no idea.
Have fun.


performance depends largely on kernel optimization, of course, I am familiar with the work of mo123 so far on paper, but I like the description!

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Yes, so unless some one is working on a new custom kernel… :smirk:

I dont know what a kernel is, i know who kernal sanders is :crazy_face:

Is it on each Android version?

So say Android 6 kernel is different then android 7? or are they the same kernels?

Which is the fastest kernel?

I have a cheap ebay box CSA96 and it benches 112K on antutu and the Edge only gets 103k its a little disheartening. The VIM3 gets 140K i like that kernel!! lol

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I optimized the Android framework to be about 2.5x faster regarding the UI and animations.
There are also a lot of AOSP patches added to fix memory leaks etc.
The kernel also has 30% optimization for the emmc storage which was disabled by default.

For faster Antutu scores you will need to overclock the CPU or use faster RAM chips, not much you can do in that regard.
Android 10 should have even more AOSP changes to fix memory leaks and code optimization so it should perform the best. Benchmark scores don’t always mean everything and stable, optimized firmware is more important to enjoy a device.



Yes, in your assembly I find exactly what you put meaning into it, this is much more important than any tests for me personally, thank you!

do you like her a lot? I doubt

she is still on Android 7 +3 years no support

your "Colonel ", is they guy who likes fried chicken :laughing:

the “Kernel”, on the other hand is simply the foundation of the operating system, for android, it uses a kernel based on Linux, this diagram explains the simple structure of the OS

You don’t want to mix these two up, or else you will have chicken bits running inside your device :rofl: