What version of the HDMI cable from Khadas?

What version of the HDMI cable from Khadas?
I did not find information on this matter :man_shrugging:t3:

I find the same kind of cable when I search with the keyword, “small head blue HDMI cable”
This is one of the results I got, https://www.tvbrackets4u.co.uk/store/-Brackets--HDMI-Cables---Small-Head/2.5m-Small-Head-BLUE-HDMI-Cable_c290-p1394.html

It is a longer cable, but I believe it is made by the same manufacturer…

yes, very similar to the one on your link :slightly_smiling_face:

version 1.4a is declared there.

but we need accurate information, buddy :point_up:

I’ll see if there are any others selling it, It seems to be quite a common model…

Let’s say there is only one manufacturer, the cables are similar to each other, but the versions are different, this may be the case. It happens that on the cable itself there is a version marking.


HDMI 2.0a with CEC, 4K@60Hz

Hi ,Frank. I am asking about the specifications of your cable https://www.khadas.com/product-page/hdmi-cable, not about the specifications of vim2 pro. :slightly_smiling_face: