What price we are ready to pay for VIM/VIM2 case?

I open this topic to see is there a business case to invest in a project like doing cases for different VIM configurations especially when Tone Board become available. There is several options at least including case with analogue (linear) PSU. Printed cases for DIY boards are not interested to me because i don’t have such a technology :frowning:

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I still working on this. I believe that good case is important for any audio streamer.
At the moment, after all tests i have did, the best sound you can get from your VIM for less money is trough “I2SoverUSB and AK4490 combo” -109.90 EURO.
It is possible to power it trough USB, but for best audio performance is better to use analogue PS for the isolated reclock and the dac himself.
Libreelec, Armbian and Ubuntu don’t need extra drivers.
At the moment (before Tone Board to be available) this is a killing combination if you want to get best stereo performance from your VIM without to spent much.
I am waiting for the Tone Board, before to show you the final variant of the case.

We are talking with @Kug3lis to design CNC case for Tone Board and VIMs, and we have arrange Tone Board sample to him, let’s look forward.

More details at: