What juice board is recommended for use with Vim4?

i see on your store you offer a juice board, but it says compatible with Edge_V only.

will this work with the vim4? or can you recommend something that will work

i am currently leaning towards the PiSugar 3 but would like to know from khadas themselves what will work with the vim4

or if other khadas users have tried and tested or are using some form of juice board with their vim4, please could you advise which your using

VIM4 does not support the juice board, but it does offer other power input beside the USB-C via the VIN port

A modified Pi sugar can provide the power input to that port, but note it is a raw power input, meaning there is no hardware feedback to measure power input, voltage level etc.


what about the XPWR pads? can the board be powered via those using a juice board?

What are the XPWR pads for?

@Shazam1990 @Andrew_Ernest

XPWR pads are for connecting external power button, compatible with momentary switches.