What is the cost to have a dtb files made for VIM3

We have installed the 5.16rc2 and it only has a dtb.img its missing the .dtb, dtbo files. Don’t know how to decompile the dtb.img so the UART, some gpio pins and ic2 can be enabled.

Our company designs and builds equipment and machinery, we are not kernel / driver programmers. Getting up to speed on your boards is not going well at this point.

The older 4.9 kernel is off the table since the old method is deprecated, yes wiring pi is much simpler to use, I realize that.

Can you quote the cost to getting this fixed so we can move forward? We need the UART enabled, a couple of i2c bus ports and some pins that can be either input or outputs and a PWM channel.

Here is the boot logging with 5.16 rc2 image:

uboot type: vendor
autoscript loaded from: usb
Scanning usb 0:1…
reading uInitrd
12401132 bytes read in 379 ms (31.2 MiB/s)
reading zImage
23066632 bytes read in 678 ms (32.4 MiB/s)
reading dtb.img
77933 bytes read in 33 ms (2.3 MiB/s)
reading /boot/env.txt
** Unable to read file /boot/env.txt **
reading env.txt
4561 bytes read in 37 ms (120.1 KiB/s)
Import env.txt
Booting mainline kernel…
libfdt fdt_path_offset() returned FDT_ERR_NOTFOUND

port mode is usb3.0
Apply dtbo uart3
reading /dtb/amlogic/overlays/kvim3/uart3.dtbo
** Unable to read file /dtb/amlogic/overlays/kvim3/uart3.dtbo **
Apply dtbo pwm_f
reading /dtb/amlogic/overlays/kvim3/pwm_f.dtbo
** Unable to read file /dtb/amlogic/overlays/kvim3/pwm_f.dtbo **
Apply dtbo i2c3
reading /dtb/amlogic/overlays/kvim3/i2c3.dtbo
** Unable to read file /dtb/amlogic/overlays/kvim3/i2c3.dtbo **
Apply dtbo i2s
reading /dtb/amlogic/overlays/kvim3/i2s.dtbo
** Unable to read file /dtb/amlogic/overlays/kvim3/i2s.dtbo **
Apply dtbo os08a10
reading /dtb/amlogic/overlays/kvim3/os08a10.dtbo
** Unable to read file /dtb/amlogic/overlays/kvim3/os08a10.dtbo **
Apply dtbo watchdog
reading /dtb/amlogic/overlays/kvim3/watchdog.dtbo
** Unable to read file /dtb/amlogic/overlays/kvim3/watchdog.dtbo **
HDMI: Autodetect: 1080p60hz

Have you solved this problem? I also lost .dtbo files when Fenix builds the image.


I gave up on that, now we are working on an ancillary hardware solution so we are not dependent upon one source for the boards.

If memory is correct you should be able to change the .img extension into .dts/dtbo/dtb and use dtc to view it. Sorry, its been afew weeks since that was done.

Another thought, it might be in kernal config, seem to remember a check box for character devices or something like that. Much of the problem is the linux kernal deprecated using sys file system. It was a good move BUT…

@DylanMingan @foxsquirrel I can try to be of assistance, is it dtb (devicetree/binary) you are trying to generate for linux (4.9 / mainline)?

Thank for your kind help!

I just want to make spi works in mainline 5.17.When I use overlays to setup SPI.

I found there missing /boot/dtb/amlogic/overlays/kvim3/spi1.dtbo etc

So,uboot log says

** Unable to read file /dtb/amlogic/overlays/kvim3/spi.dtbo **

Can you generate the overlays files and related dtb?

I can’t generate overlays files via Fenix for mainline 5.17.

Can you provide the I’d of the current linux image you have installed ? I will try to testing on my side and see if i can provide you the necessary :slightly_smiling_face:

vim3-ubuntu-20.04- Focal-server-linux-5.17-fenix-1.0.11-220511-develop.img

The other issue is when moving up to 5.16 the video drivers are not correct and the cursor flickers. That issue is more than likely an Amlogic problem.

So even if we do get the dtb and every thing working fine using lgpio.h for gpio we cannot package a product with a flickering cursor (desktop Ubuntu). With that issue we did not even begin to test it since its a no go from the start.

Then the other issue is the opencl package being withheld and that is preventing the Ubuntu upgrade. Too many issues that are major negatives that need to be addressed before we continue going forward.

Most certainly appreciate your offer to help us and look forward to seeing what happens.

Cursor flickering could be due to old panfrost driver

OpenCL packages only available for kernel 4.9 afak,

I believe for your need with GPIO, openCL and desktop,
4.9 kernel image should be more suitable

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I see this is custom built image from your side, not installed from Fenix/Krescue/oowow, can you confirm ?

It is custom built image via Fenix.