What is currently the best option for running docker?

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We have fixed the docker issue on Ubuntu 22.04 for VIM4.

But for current image, here is a walkaround you can try:

$ sudo update-alternatives --config iptables ### Select /usr/sbin/iptables-legacy and install docker again
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Thanks for this thread, @Th0mas . I’m a bit confused on this, myself.
I found these instructions for CLI-based install, which are apparently for VIM3, and they did not work: Docker | Khadas Documentation

I also see that the Docker packages are available in Ubuntu on VIM4 via the package manager. Should I install it that way and then, if necessary, use the workaround from @numbqq ?

As I said above, we have already fixed this issue on our side no need any walkaround anymore.
Please wait our image release, if you don’t want to wait, you can use the walkaround above.

Thanks, @numbqq . I don’t mind waiting for the image release, but I was just curious about the recommended way to actually install Docker if I wanted to do that now. It’s not on my VIM4 yet.

The doc page I linked is all CLI/terminal commands, with an added gpg key and repository, and then installation via apt-get and a bunch of docker setup commands I recognize from my Pi.

On the other hand, I also see that docker and related packages are available from the Synaptics Package Manager within the Ubuntu GUI.

Is one method preferred over the other right now? I’d prefer to install by GUI if I can, but I don’t want to do that if it’s not going to work as well as using the CLI method.

I suggest you to follow the docker official documentation to install docker.

Hello, again. It’s installed and seems to be working now. :slight_smile: The Hello, World image ran, at least.

Thanks for your help. I ran the manual fix from this thread and used the repo-based instructions here: Install Docker Engine on Ubuntu | Docker Documentation.

(I could have waited, but I’m actually trying to see if I can get Duplicati running in Docker so I can grab and restore the backups from my fried Pi 4 that have my entire collection of docker containers on them. :stuck_out_tongue: