What happened to edge 2 case video?

I received my Edge 2 case today and I am excited to put it together, but I can’t find the assembly video anywhere. I know I watched it in the past. Does someone have a link to it?

Im pretty sure this guy covered it all:

Thanks! He does talk a lot about the case but doesn’t talk about the trickiest part, which is sticking the antenna to the to the black plastic piece the goes on the back of the board. If you look it is already assembled in the one he is holding in the video.

If any of y’all have the same problems. Look closely at how that black piece is assembled in this video from Khadas. The antennae are cut to a pattern that matches the plastic edges. The orientation of the wires to the pad also help you figure out where to put them. The antenna bend around the edge of the plastic holder. There are also grooves to hold the wires. Also watch closely to how the wires are attached to the board and then folded over to affix the plastic to the back of the board.

Mine should arrive Thursday so only then I will be able to check about that. He probably placed it strategically underneat the cooler idk.

I had the same question when I started to assembly this unit. But soon I realized that the antenna pads can actually stick to that “L” frame. You need to peel off the sticker on those antenna pads first.

So after I applied the antennas to the “L” frame, it became one piece. Then connect the antenna connector with the board, put the “L” frame to the board along the side of the fan. It shall fit in nicely.