What DSD-mode is used?

after a quick look into the datasheet of the ES9038Q2M, I realized that the DAC is capable of
handling nativ DSD512. You specified the Toneboard “only” for DSD256. So I assuming that you use DoP (DSD over PCM), is that right?

If yes, would it be possible to get support for DSD512 by a update of the XMOS-firmware?

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hello, it can be possible but few of people require it.
it need to update the new software and exchange some material on board. thank you

Hello and thank you for your reply.
Don’t get me wrong here. Nativ DSD is not a must have feature for me but would be nice to have. :grinning:

Which parts of the PCB has to be replaced? As far as I see, the pins used for a DSD-transmisson are the same as for a PCM-transmission. DATA_CLK, DATA1, DATA2 on the ES9038 for the audio signal. And maybe SDA and SCL to switch the input_mode manually to DSD (not shure about that). All of these pins are connected to the XMOS MCU, so a update of the firmware should be enough to enable nativ DSD?
What else I’m missing here?

Anyway, this is really a great board. And one of the best entry level DAC-board’s on the market.


Hi N30dg,
If tone board need to support Nativ DSD512,we must replace the crystals and updated the software.


I can’t get DSD working when using the spdif input, could someone please confirm that is normal for the TB, or do I have a problem with my server? Thanks!

I just got my TB and tried it at DSD512 up sampled in ROON and seems to be working but extended period of testing is not yet done. Its connected USB directly to Roon’s ROCK OS on a NUC

can you give me the 512 dsd firmware, i will change the crystal myself if there is firmware