What do you use your boards for

Just wondering, what are some uses that you use these boards for. Server, media Center, or something else. I know some commercial projects were made based on raspberry pi, but does the Khadas allows the same thing

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We (Uniflex Systems in Estonia) are using Khadas VIM1 as the brain for our industrial automation controller. Fits nicely into standard DIN-rail mountable 106mm wide plastic enclosure, with I/O + power board on the bottom.

It has been important in the selection (in addition to the small size and decent performance), that VIM has the sockets on one side only. That’s different from many other similar boards.

Using Ubuntu Linux, which is unfortunately getting too little attention from Khadas team (there are a few long-lasting issues in the eMMC images that I have reported).


Hi Neeme:
Can you create a new topic and post your bluetooth issue there, our guys @Frank will try to resolve it.


I use mine for crypto currency mining - have got 90 in a custom 4U case with all the power supplies, networking etc. Such versatile boards!


Dang, @birty sounds dope. What do you mine?

Hey, Youjun, here:


Thanks for the link @Gouwa should have put it in original post :slight_smile:

Right now I’m mining zettelkasten - will get a good stash of coins then look for something else that seems interesting!

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Aha, that’s a neat strategy.

Mine something cheap with low difficulty and sit on it. When the price goes up, sell your corn! :smiley:

Best of luck!


Exactly :smile: only need to be lucky a few times and the hardware is paid for. When nothing interesting around then mine things like verium as a mature coin that should head back up in price at some point


I use it as a paperweight

im looking for a cheap udoo bolt like alternative
i use faytech lapscreen to pair with it
though this display also interests me

i plan to just use it like I would a laptop with separate portable keyboard mouse and screen
maybe set it up with a power bank.

I dont mind plugging it in though, i just like ability to easily change rooms and position.

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