What device to choose for Logitech Harmony Remote?

Hi Khadas Team,
What device should I choose to get the IR configured on my Harmony remote?


Hi, skp_22:
What do you mean that Harmony remote?

Basically, the IR receiver on VIM/VIM2 is common NEC protocol, so if you are a developer, you can add any IR remote support by add the usercode of your remote.


Sorry… let me rephrase. Im trying to configure a Logitech Harmony 650 IR Universal remote and Id like to add the VIM to the list. Do you know what is the closest similar well-known device which has the same IR codes? The HarmonyDB has some of the MXQ 4k Pros under different names. I tried those but I wasnt able to navigate using that.

Hello skp_22, Many devices use this remote, such as GeekBox, Ugoos, Nagrace, to name a few. Don’t know if this will help, but see here.

@Gouwa does VIM IR really supports only NEC Protocol? If it would support lirc we would be able to use Harmony and such. Have also an Logitech Harmony Ultimate One with KLS settings.

So, I tried OTT MXQ Pro, Mut@nt HD2400, Wetek Play…none of them worked. Then I just customized the OTT MXQ Pro profile and made the Harmony 650 learn from the VIM remote. Nothing from the Harmony DB that works out of the box, so I didnt want to waste any more time.

I also use harmony remote ;
First of all you have to learn all commands to remote. Add new device media etc. then do not choose listed devices. Select the new device than learn commands to harmony remote. If you have other questions i will answer.