What are the voltages of gpio(ADC_CH, GPIO_H, GPIO_AO, HUB_D) pins?

In general:

  1. Can I use 5v input into gpio? (as a signal input) Are they 5v tolerant.
  2. What is the voltage for analog inputs?

HUB_DM1 is for USB, it should accept 5v input. Can I use it as gpio input?

Also, any link to how to use gpio is highly appreciated.

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All the GPIO except ADC are 3V3 based signals, so the input voltage must be 3.3V.

The HUB_DM/P1 are signals for USB bus and cannot be config as GPIO input.

May I know why you need 5V voltage as GPIO input? You might need to a 5V to 3.3V converter circuit if 5V is must for you.


How about ADC? What is the voltage for this one?

I want to avoid internal componnets if possible. :slight_smile:

It’s 1.8V for the ADC.

Check the schematic for further details.

Hello everyone,

What is the maximum voltage allowed on ADC pins on the khadas vim3? Also, what is the bit resolution? I think I found that is 9 bit, is this correct

@Gouwa Thanks in advance for the reply!