What are the voltages of gpio(ADC_CH, GPIO_H, GPIO_AO, HUB_D) pins?


In general:

  1. Can I use 5v input into gpio? (as a signal input) Are they 5v tolerant.
  2. What is the voltage for analog inputs?

HUB_DM1 is for USB, it should accept 5v input. Can I use it as gpio input?

Also, any link to how to use gpio is highly appreciated.


All the GPIO except ADC are 3V3 based signals, so the input voltage must be 3.3V.

The HUB_DM/P1 are signals for USB bus and cannot be config as GPIO input.

May I know why you need 5V voltage as GPIO input? You might need to a 5V to 3.3V converter circuit if 5V is must for you.



How about ADC? What is the voltage for this one?

I want to avoid internal componnets if possible. :slight_smile:


It’s 1.8V for the ADC.

Check the schematic for further details.