What are the minicom settings for Edge-V

New Edge-V and it will not boot. Krescue does load and I have installed to emmc from the wizard and file method. Also it will not boot on USB and sometimes it has just died during the install.

When it was first powered up it had a partial green screen.

Using the same minicom settings for the VIM3 and VIM1 does not work, some characters are shown when it starts and nothing is intelligible.

It does briefly have a “heartbeat” then it goes solid red.

In Krescue testing USB test shows e: USB hub damaged

Test games in K are displayed on the monitor.
Video displays fine in K shell.

When it boots the monitor (actual monitor fault screen not Edge board generated) shows an error that signal is out of range. I did not see any way to change that in K.

Monitor shows the signal is H= 54.6 Khz vert. is 45 hz. Monitor is 1920x1080 60 hz and no option to change freq.