What accessoiries do I require to properly run CoreELEC on the VIM3?

The VIM3 basic board looks very interesting as an HTPC solution with CoreELEC but I’m hoping to get some recommendations here regarding the accessories. I’m currently looking at:

  • VIM3 basic board
  • DIY case without metal plate
  • Heatsink
  • PSU (I will reuse an old 5V2A phone charger)

Do I have everything I need to run CoreELEC properly with those accessories? I’m concerned about heat so I have few questions:

  1. Is the heatsink sufficient without fan? I prefer passive cooling if possible because of noise and I don’t even see the fan listed on AliExpress.
  2. Is it necessary to add the heat pad and metal plate to the case in terms of passive cooling?

I will run my VIM3 in a room temperature of 20-25C degrees (Celsius) year-round btw.

Maybe add an IR remote as it’s easier to navigate kodi interface with it. Better yet a Bluetooth keyboard mouse combo.

Hello, You may find that your charger, 5v@2A, comes up short for the VIM3 if you have many USB connected peripherals.
The VIM3’s little brother, the VIM3L, is offered as an HTPC kit and is sold with most accessories needed for an HTPC. Your current supply should be adequate for the VIM3L. The VIM3L should also run cooler at at a given ambient temperature(room temp). Keep in mind that high drain USB connected peripherals(example:USB Hard drive) can require greater input power. Note: Both VIM3 and VIM3L can have input voltages ranging from 5vdc to 20vdc. Both can take advantage of PD(Power Delivery) type of power supplies/chargers.
More info on the VIM3L here, the VIM3L can be ordered with CoreELEC preinstalled.

While both VIM3 and VIM3L should run CoreELEC well, the VIM3 might be a better choice if you plan to run more resource intense OSes in the future.