Weston on vim3l failed

I was trying to run weston + flutter on vim3l board. but it failed cuz it failed to create compositor backend. Any idea what might have caused this? any input would be appreciated. @numbqq, @Frank

The error might be coming from Mesa, where it fails to initialize OpenGL support. Do GL driver and X11 session support hardware-accelerated rendering?

I also have a raspi-b4 board which I was able to run weston + flutter on. I was able to set GPU driver and GPU mem using “sudo raspi-config”. That’s the step I was missing from vim3l board so I was guessing if the missing GL driver setting step is the reason why weston was faliing. Do we have a tool in vim3l board to config gpu driver and mem?

Really appreciate your help!!

New user can only put one medie file at one time, adding “sudo raspi-config” config image