Welcome to Khadas!

Welcome to Khadas!

If you require assistance, first search for a relevant thread before posting your message. If you cannot find a relevant thread, select a relevant topic from the homepage, then create a new post with a descriptive title and contents. For more information, see our faq guide. For specific inquiries, please “@” the responsible maintainers from within your post:

Android: @tenk.wang, @jasonl, @goenjoy
Linux / NPU Toolkit: @numbqq, @Frank
Krescue: @hyphop
Tone2 Pro: @Eric68, @Gouwa, @tsangyoujun
Android TV: @superceleron
Manjaro Arm Linux: @Spikerguy
FreeBSD: @SleepWalker
Twister OS: @JeremiahCornelius
Water Turrets / Crypto Mining: @birty
News / Publicity: @tsangyoujun
Shop / AliExpress: @rubywen

Enjoy your stay! :blush:


Excellent banner. It’s like a dream come true. :smile:


Do like a volunteer :joy:


I do not think you are under further obligation.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
But from what I have seen on the forum, you are the go-to user for knowledge when it comes to mining on these devices. Be it hardware or software for mining, you are a wealth of info. I think I have at-ed(@) you a few times on the subject already.
Yep, your response is completely voluntary.:grin:


Thanks for your kind words and I don’t mind :grinning:


Now it is easier for users to tag the right person and will increase the response time.

Good work team.


Hi @tsangyoujun - and who is a right person to ask about product availability in a shop and Aliexpress ? Currently wondering when TS050 will be back into stock, as one of my TS050 screens apparently become dead and I need to buy another one new.

Hello dear,
this is Ruby from Khadas, you can go to Khadas official shop, I am managing the shop rigth now.
For TS050, we recently don’t have stock in the warehouse, would you mind waiting for some days more?
When it’s ready, I will notity you in the forum.
Or you can leave your email address, I can send the notifications later.

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Thanks for update! Of course I’ll wait when TS050 will be back into stock on Ali. :slight_smile: