WebView WebGL performance problem


I discovered that the WebView implementation is running WebGL very slowly (and other graphics too). It seems as if it’s not hardware accelerated or something.

If I run this WebGL demo:- http://lib.ivank.net/?p=demos&d=bunnymark in Chrome on the ViM, then I get about 40fps but if I run it in a webview I only get about 20 fps.

Would anyone at VIM know why the WebGL runs so slowly in the WebView?

Also, I was wondering why the WebView implementation seems to stay locked System WebView even when Chrome is installed? On most Android 7 phones the chrome browser is used instead of the system webview when Chrome is installed.


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Update the built-in AOSP WebView to Googles latest from the App Store. I used an XPosed module to change the config to use it.

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