WebGL terribly slow on chromium

Simple test is to run a local 1080p mp4 file with chromium like
/usr/bin/chromium-browser --app=file:///movie_test.mp4 --start-fullscreen --show-fps-counter

10-12 fps max on VIM and not much better on VIM2 also.

I’ve tried playing with options like --enable-display-list-2d-canvas --force-gpu-rasterization --enable-unsafe-es3-apis --enable-webgl-draft-extensions --gpu-rasterization-msaa-sample-count=0 --ignore-gpu-blacklist -use-gl=egl with no luck.

Anything HTML5 related is disgustingly SLOW

How to make it run faster?

These chip have excellent Android support. Linux desktop support on the other hand is non-existent. It is unlikely that this will change as Ubuntu volumes are comparatively low.

@balbes150 on Khadas VIM I get 12 fps tops playing 1920x800, 24 fps, 6 297 Kbps video in chromium
…I took same chipset another platform + driver xf86-video-odroid-c2

And I got 24 fps…

And 1080p 60fps video https://www.youtube.com/embed/79ImZE0K7xc?autoplay=1 (playing fullscreen on 2560x1440 display) I got 30 fps

Can somebody please :pray: install this driver on khadas ubuntu?

And please make resolution switch like:

# setenv m "2560x1080p60hz"
setenv m "2560x1440p60hz"
# setenv m "2560x1600p60hz"
# setenv m "3440x1440p60hz"