Wake on Lan vim3l

I already speak of that in my previous topic, but as i don’t resolve my problem i open a new topic, and i really hope someone at khadas will answer it.
I finally manage to understand more why the wake on lan do not work. I test my installation and the magic packet is well sent over the local network, i try with my computer that is connected on the same network and ethernet switch as the vim, and i successfully wake up my computer, so the problem is sure to come from the vim.

However after some time with the vim3l i noticed that when i unplug the usb typc c power connector and plug it again, the vim3l’s blue led was on, instantly after press the power-on button the led instantly power off, and start again to blink at boot with the kernel. But when i use a shutdown command in linux to power off the vim, the led is off after the shutdown.
I understand that the wake on lan function is working when the led is on, so when i unplug and plug again the power. If i try when the led is off, after a shutdown command in linux, the wake on lan doesn’t work.

I also notice these power on / off behavior of the vim and what the led is doing have changed when i update u-boot to mainline, so i guess the problem come from here.

Any explanation ?


main-line uboot not support wol .

How do you turn off the led ?

And don’t you think it’s a good idea to mention it somewhere ? Really, when you don’t know well all these sbc thing it’s a real pain to understand especially without info. Also if wake on lan do not work why is it still working after i unplug / plug again the power cable ?

The led turn off when i shutdown the vim, for exemple with a shutdown now command. If i unplug and plug again the power cable the led is ON again. In both case i need to press the power on button to start the vim.

Where can i find a version of u-boot that is compatible with wol ?

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And still no news from khadas about this, as i thought.
You are like all other manufacturer of chinese sbc crap. Lie about function that are suppose to work but don’t because of your incompetence. And of course, no information, anemic documentation… you don’t want people realize that was you sell is crap, don’t you ?
And how many time did i ask a way to reverse my u-boot to a version that is working correctly ? In your repo there is only your official (or mainline or whatever you call it) u-boot, i don’t understand anything about this but this version is obviously different from the one my vim3l was delivered with. Is there any way to reverse it ? No of course only one in your repo, i guess it’s too hard to upload a 4mb img, or give your customer that ability to reverse to the original state of your device ?

Your “krescue” repo is full of bleeding edge crap full of bug or compile by a brainless (5.9rc2 kernel without ALSA ? Who is the genius behind this ? And i don’t speak of other bug, like 45 min for a sudo apt search command or broken ffmpeg packages).
A little tip to the crappy SBC world : start by stabilize something instead of perpetually go for the last bleeding edge and unstable. Just look your ubuntu img, not a single stable kernel, only release candidate (5.5rc2, 5.7rc7, 5.9rc2). Seriously…
I don’t know, at least let the choice to your user, or don’t push it to your official repo, or install it yourself and see this is no usable…

I think i will ask for a refund at aliexpress, tired of these bullshit, i have no time spending hours trying to make thing to work, and after asking twenty time, to finally have a guy like this Frank bonzo to come and tell me (without any polite phrase or the ability to make a complete sentence) that their crap cannot support something as basic as wake on lan.

What ? I am rude, yeah, and please ban from this board, i don’t care.

@atohmdiy You need to press the power button to boot. This is controlled by the MCU. Therefore, our custom control interface does not exist in the uboot of the main line. The current value of this interface is stored in our uboot. If you need to turn off the wol function, please You can control this function through uboot by flashing the non-mainline firmware.

If you need me to continue answering this post, you should @Frank , otherwise I can’t know that you replied to this post .

@Frank could you please provide clear instructions how to activate WOL on WIM3? We are running 4.9.241 kernel.
Khadas documentation says to use kbi tool, but does not say where to get it.

Hello @Andris_Lusis

Please check here: VIM3/3L WOL (Wake-On-Lan) [Khadas Docs]