VTV DVB-T android source code

I want develop new application that receive DVB-T and play it.
is there any source code that can use it for learning it.

I’m sorry for that. The VTV model is designed by third party. They still haven’t the plan to release their source code. :joy:

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i can use others module
so any android dvb app source code?

i’ve seen many dvb chipsets being supported while viewing the log of the linux kernel build scripts, so maybe you can just pick any popular usb dongle instead of this vtv?

yes i buy one USB DVB Dongle.
now look sample source code
do u know any code that help me?

one search in google gave me this:

VLC is might be open source, anyway you should be able to call its api from you own code,
and kaffeine public repo is here https://github.com/KDE/kaffeine

By the way, does anyone know if we can find any working solution on linux that is able to take advantage of a dual tuner USB-DVB-T dongle ?

You can use Tvheadend server fir handle usb tuner. It’s work on linux and android.