VTV board Changing between DVB-S and DVB-T

Can anyone confirm that the VTV software only allows the DTV board to function as either a DVB-S or a DVB-T board at any given time. To clarify - it doesn’t seem to allow you to scan for DVB-T channels and then scan for DVB-S channels and then hold that as a combined list.


dear shoog

Please use ‘SAT’ key on the remote control to switch between different satellites and DVB-T/T2 channels.

OK that helped thanks. Now got DVB-S and DVB-T together. Nice.

I have another question, there doesn’t seem to be any audio stream for HD channels encoded in H.264/MPEG-4 AVC over the DVB-S. Any idea how I can get this working. I get sound for SD channels and I get sound with MPEG4 transmissions on the DVB-T.


hi shoog
I guess the audio format is AC3 or DTS (you can press ‘AUDIO’ key to check audio format), if so it’s not supported, it requires dolby/dts license.

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Is there any way to make AC3 work?

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he gustavojesus
it requires the S912-B or S912-H chipset to support it.

But the VIM2 MAX already comes with the Amlogic S912 Chipset, am I right? Still have to replace the chipset? Is there no other way?