Volumio USB DAC on VIM3L

I have just got a VIM3L and installed volumio onto the eemc. When I plug my topping dac into a usb port it is recognised and will play dsd files. That is all good, but at boot up I notice quite a few errors, one of them saying “unsupported device on USB 1.1.2”

One small detail is that although I have installed ir remote plugin onto Volumio, the khadas remote that come along with HTPC Kit does not work…

Does anyone know how I can investigate this further?


I dunno if you have resolved your issue by now, but I have just gone over the same process of installing Volumio on the eMMC drive of my VIM3L. It was, for someone with no experience and knowledge in the handling of these eMMC drives, quite simple in the end. I must admit that I have spent close to a month just reading on the subject as it was very nebulous for me, the handling of such. Lucky for me someone at Khadas was nice enough to point me in the direction of the Great “Krescue” (it almost sound like a magician!
This said, with Krescue installed and running on the SD drive, the rest of the implementation was pretty much like follow the DOTs. I’ve installed the Khadas ToneBoard as my DAC, something I strongly suggest anyone looking for a strong device, one that translates both the dynamics along with the 3D spectral arrangement of the stage set-up.
I did exactly like you up to the plugin set-up for the IR onto the Volumio platform. Sure enough it did not work for me either. Only when I did remove the plugin on the Volumio side did it work for me. Therefore it leads me to think there are some conflicts between the two and therefore until these conflicts are worked out it will work but not to its full extent.
Hope this help and please excuse the excessive verbose but it comes with the French culture.

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No resolution as yet. I have been posting on the volumio forum and did discover that they do not have a fully working version of Volumio on the Khadas platform as yet. They are working on it, but no dates for delivery have been given. I do think it is a little misleading for Khadas to post on their website the the Vim3l + toneboard + Volumio = Hi Fi Audio Player, when it is not ready for general consumption. I was told the Krescue volumio image is “not for end users, you are on your own!”
The updates are on their community pages under the Khadas secion. You can pick up the latest image there and boot from an SD card.

yes krescue volumio image still marked as test images

but Krescue volumio images have same volumio as SD images without big diff !

day by day we improve volumio for best compatible with khadas boards! and i can say we are very close to make announce about rel

PS: every can help volumio u need check and test current images and send your respond if something wrong (i know about some problems - may be u can find another one)

i will check

One small detail is that although I have installed ir remote plugin onto Volumio, the khadas remote that come along with HTPC Kit does not work…

last krescue image no need to install IR plugins - IR works out of box