Volumio on SD card. is it possible

Can I have Android on eMMC and Volumio OS on SD card ?
or other way round i dont mind,

I just need to have Android on my device because how important to me.
while that i want to have Volumio OS too for my Audio music fun ~!

Androind SDcard + volumio eMMC
Android eMMC + Volumio SD card.

which way is fine with me.

VIM3pro + Tone = SUCCESS! life complete hehe

i just really need both OSes on my pretty device. please help!

thank you good community you have been very patient with me specialy and very helpful to others. I support everything you do!

sharing my sexy pics of my sbm with friends make the drool over it!

SHINY AINT IT! am in love


Hello! I think Hyphop can help with the implementation of this, by means of Krescue

let’s say if you have both systems written to emmc, how do you like the idea?


even better to have both on eMMC its like dream come true to me

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then try in the Krescue topic to make a request for a dual OS, I think he will not refuse! either do it in a personal message.

Nice hotrod by the way :smirk:

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lol nice try,

back to reality …

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are those Android version for SD card ?
because it doesnt say anything if its eMMC or SD card

Nope definitely, its an eMMC version, such a version of android for SD card not possible,

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oh i see i understand now, so ill be on the look out for Volumio on SD card

no, the installation itself with sd happens on emmc