Volumio for Khadas

Hi Stefan, thanks for the tips.

I’m mainly using RPI3 for Volumio, playing files from NAS and via AirPlay.

I have my DAC attached to RPI3 via the USB port. I didn’t spot any problem and the audio seemed to be great.

I’d like to hear your tips to make the setup work better :wink:

Hey Madwyn,

RPi is good DIY platform and have really good support from expansion boards perspective including audio in general. I am not saying that RPi is bad for general audio use but from real audiophile perspective only. Actually VIM is not the best choice as well (theoretically) because Amlogic not support external masterclock. But using VIM is better than RPI for sure if you don’t do real expensive reclock. VIM support both basics frequencies needed for proper audio operation on 44.1, 88.2 … and 48, 96 …

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I thought since my DAC has its own clock and works at asynchronous mode, it doesn’t really matter for the RPI3 to have sophisticated clocks.

I maybe wrong, but show me the way.

This is the best way for RPi. Much better than any I2S HAT for RPi even using Kali re-clock because Kali use FIFO and buffer.

RPi clock problem is not a meter of sophistication or jitter or noise. RPi missing one basic frequency at all (by design). Every single peace of audio software or hardware for RPi is kind of work around for above problem. Even using Asynchronous USB DAC with own clock you need to use “patched” linux to be able to play all of frequencies without problem.

If you have VIM and RPi, just do your own test. Play same music in RPi and VIM trough your DAC and if you don’t hear difference there is no point to change your setup or to discuss it here. Music is something personal :wink:

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Hi Stefan,

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, it’s very detailed and helpful.

I may take some time to test out the differences between VIM and the RPI, but for now the RPI sounds good enough to my ears.

I will keep tracking this thread and learn.

For the moment, any serious listening will go through my headphone setup :nerd_face:

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Hello @balbes150,

How can I easily load Wifi and Hotpost modules for VIM2 Max and enable this functionality in Volumio?

In the next few days I’ll check and write recommendations.

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To enable WiFi, you need to perform the dhd module is loaded (command “modprobe dhd”).

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The renewal of the image Volumio v0.5.
In this image, a new kernel with an extended set of dtb files.

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I have decided this evening to give it a try to Moode Audio but now, thanks to you balbes150, I will play with your new build of Volumio :slight_smile:

Same problems with the onboard audio. Some plugins not work. Tomorrow I’ll install it on eMMC and will do some more tests. But for me the problem with onboard audio is really annoying. Strange thing is that using Volumio as an OS, aml audio works with all other software installed, including sqweezelite/R2, roon, upnp, airport-sync, spotty but not with volumio itself. I will try to disable it for Volumio in MPD config … tommorow

@balbes150, sorry for the stupid question may be, but why install.sh is not working even i transfer it from other Armbian builds? I know i can do DD but anyway …

So far there have been no changes with audio output. Cannot be used install.sh from other images. Each script has its own settings (for a specific system).

Okay, I need some help!
I want to “remove”/disable internal sound card AMLM8AUDIO (hw:0,… etc) at all from Armbian builds (and in particular in Volumio) for example, but there is no module to stop or disable and it’s look like there is no simple way to do this. Blacklist not working for me as well.

My question is: Do i really need to compile the whole image without the audio or there is some simple way (workaround) available to disable it in boot?


The driver is included in the kernel, it is not possible to disable it. We need to build a new core. I plan on doing it next week.

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Thank you.

When the onboard audio is excluded from the kernel and not loaded in the OS then USB sound card will appear as a 0 (hw:0,…, plughw:0,…) every time is connected, right?

When is the release expected?

PS: I use ROM “Volumio-0.6-2018-02-16-vim-armv7.img” made by balbes150 (thank him for this). But wifi is not work…

For the wifi you have to enable wifi module on boot

Wifi hotspot does not save changes…

Please tell, How to install Roon?

ssh to Volumio and follow this steps to install Roon Bridge for armv7hf:
$ curl -O http://download.roonlabs.com/builds/roonbridge-installer-linuxarmv7hf.sh
$ chmod +x roonbridge-installer-linuxarmv7hf.sh
$ sudo ./roonbridge-installer-linuxarmv7hf.sh