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See reply to Gouwa! I am fed up with repeating myself.

Hello, confused.
please offer me your ordering ID and tell us where you buy the board.
I have read the whole thread among yours or related yours, I dont get any of your ordering ID details.
Some of client they have double doubt about the VIM board, such as late delivery, just offer me their ordering ID and tell us where they buy the board, the situation will get solved as soon as possible.

I purchased the box on eBay from a private seller. It was indeed brand new when I received it so how is that going to solve a black screen? Anything thing else you wish to know?

actually we only sold on Gearbest.com or Geekbuying.com,
would you like to share me the link of the store name and the scan picture of buying information?
if you care about your personal information, just cc to my email: willow@szwesion.com
I am sure I will found the best way to satisfy you and please believe me.
by the way, have a good day and waiting for your quick reply. Best wishes.

Read my post again, I said a private seller NOT a shop, company or whatever. The seller somehow got /received the box from wherever, which they did not want, so it was put up for sale on eBay. Again, the box was NOT purchased from a shop so stop acting like a police officer. Just because only two shops sell the stupid thing it does not mean a third party cannot also get one and sell it. If you are calling me a liar, which you appear to be suggesting, then I will simply send you a picture/pictures of the dismantled vim box. I am not prepared to share my eBay account with you or anyone else. Okay! So far you have done zero to satisfy me, is that suddenly going to change?

I have just checked and there are at present 3 sellers selling Khadas vim boxes on eBay, NOT just 2 shops selling like you claim but also another 3 very different sellers. I purchased from someone else is that hard for you to understand? Do you want bank details, DNA samples etc? You are really annoying me with your proof of this and that and that only geek and gear sell vim boxes which is obvious nonsense when you bother to check eBay.

Well, another day and still NO help! Why should I expect any different?
Black screen!

I did the quick reply! But is ignoring me your best solution?

By the way I am still getting a black screen.

Hi, Confused:
This is the final reply from Khadas team, and after that I will close this topic.

For your problem, the only resolution is that:

  • Contact the place you bought the device and apply for a return.
  • Check the Private Message from Willow for another solution.

In fact, as what RDFTKV replied above, many people in the community want and try to help you out, but might need be more patience:

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