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Not WOW anymore, you just lost your money.

Another nonsense reply, the burning tool does not recognize the vim at all and neither does the TF card. Who wants stupid libelec, I want ubuntu and at worst android but your gadget is such rubbish it cannot be repaired.
You never answered my last reply because obviously you don’t have a clue what you are doing, just waiting for someone else to come up with a solution.

Black screen and the MRegistor Mode does NOT work at all. More rubbish!

Black screen and the MRegistor Mode does NOT work at all. More rubbish! Nothing works.

My last two replies were for that ever helpful gouva who obviously doesn’t know very much.

This is simply not true, vim will not boot from SD card, in fact it will never boot from either SD card or usb drive. Fn button does nothing. Burning tool is not reccognized. In settings, in “about”, updates do not work and when select is pressed nothing happens. In recovery window selections refuse to load SD card or usb drive. So is this vim broken or what? Can it be returned to your office? Can it be repaired. Can it do any of the things you claim it can do?

You don’t need to answer because the box is now dead, No boot up at all anymore. What a waste of time and money. What a piece of crap.

Can I have your address so I can return the vim for your qualified attention.

Hi, Confused:
You can contact the custom service where you bought the VIM for the details.

So when the vim is broken you people don’t want to know. That’s what I call bull*hit support! Pass the problem to somebody else, lousy support for a crap box.

hello, Confused.
This is Willow at your service.
would you please tell us where you buy the Khadas Vim Board and offer us the buying ID
maybe we can help. Thank you.

Hi, Confused:
I’ve just moved all your comments to a new topic, in your situation, I suggest you to contact the customer service where you bought the VIM for a return.

As you can see, when you posted the problem, many people tried to help you out with detailed steps or instructions, but it seem that you didn’t get a try, and just response with many complaints instead of the details to describe the problem you were facing.

For Khadas Community, any good or bad voices are welcome, but we also need to Be Civil and Keep It Tidy when you post comments. This is the reason I move your comments to this topic.

If you still have any questions, you can contact @willow, she will follow it up.


Actually you are wrong I gave everything a try and ended up absolutely frustrated. First I tried to load ubuntu but that did not happen. Then I continued messing around with the box until I got a black screen. Not a single one of your suggestions worked, Windows never recognized the box ever, so how was I meant to proceed when all you could do was rattle off the same stupid instructions that never worked in the first place. When I first asked for help you simply pointed me at the firmware page which had multiple choices but no explanations, so of course I got it wrong and therefore I was very angry with you because you could not be bothered to explain. Then other idiots here (who never read my first posts) tried to give me the exact same instructions which you did even though I explained already that they won’t work. It is your vim box that is the problem and now it is lying in a box in pieces.
My Windows does NOT recognize your vim box so what am I meant to do? The stupid instructions will NOT work with the box I have/had. Your vim box is simply an expensive gimmick with bad programming.

See reply to Gouwa! I am fed up with repeating myself.

Hello, confused.
please offer me your ordering ID and tell us where you buy the board.
I have read the whole thread among yours or related yours, I dont get any of your ordering ID details.
Some of client they have double doubt about the VIM board, such as late delivery, just offer me their ordering ID and tell us where they buy the board, the situation will get solved as soon as possible.

I purchased the box on eBay from a private seller. It was indeed brand new when I received it so how is that going to solve a black screen? Anything thing else you wish to know?

actually we only sold on Gearbest.com or Geekbuying.com,
would you like to share me the link of the store name and the scan picture of buying information?
if you care about your personal information, just cc to my email: willow@szwesion.com
I am sure I will found the best way to satisfy you and please believe me.
by the way, have a good day and waiting for your quick reply. Best wishes.

Read my post again, I said a private seller NOT a shop, company or whatever. The seller somehow got /received the box from wherever, which they did not want, so it was put up for sale on eBay. Again, the box was NOT purchased from a shop so stop acting like a police officer. Just because only two shops sell the stupid thing it does not mean a third party cannot also get one and sell it. If you are calling me a liar, which you appear to be suggesting, then I will simply send you a picture/pictures of the dismantled vim box. I am not prepared to share my eBay account with you or anyone else. Okay! So far you have done zero to satisfy me, is that suddenly going to change?

I have just checked and there are at present 3 sellers selling Khadas vim boxes on eBay, NOT just 2 shops selling like you claim but also another 3 very different sellers. I purchased from someone else is that hard for you to understand? Do you want bank details, DNA samples etc? You are really annoying me with your proof of this and that and that only geek and gear sell vim boxes which is obvious nonsense when you bother to check eBay.

Well, another day and still NO help! Why should I expect any different?
Black screen!