Voices from the open source communities will be passed to Amlogic

Hi, Khadas users and other forks from the open source communities:
I will arrange a meeting with Amlogic management team at their Shenzhen office the in the next few days, and will focus more on open source.

Before I move ahead to Amlogic office, I wanna collect more different voices from the open source communities, so kindly take a vote or comment:

  • Completed CPU datasheet
  • Open source code of HW audio codec
  • Provide necessary supports with Mali GPU
  • Provide a technical window for the communities
  • Better IoT support on next-gen SOCs
  • Mainline U-boot
  • Mainline Linux
  • Others (Kindly comment with the details)

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I will collect all the voices and pass to Amlogic team, and will push the voices from the open source communities to accomplish.

Any kind of voices/feedback are welcome!


Khadas Team


Hi Gouwa,

Mainline Linux is WiP actually, we are working hard to get all the bits upstream.

But the main focus is documentation to their partners and community to help improving the mainline linux codebase.


Along with CPU datasheet, and open hw audio/video, it would be really nice if they could publish their ATF source code as well, or at least as much of it as possible. Currently its included as blobs in the u-boot repo. The end goal being able to have a fully open development platform, or as close to one as we can realistically reach.

ARM Upstream:
ARM Trusted Firmware


So I checked all of the boxes.

Also, my priorities seem to be matched with the others who voted-- if I were to rank my thoughts they’d go like this:

  1. Mainline Linux
  2. Mainline u-boot
  3. GPU
  4. Audio
  5. Better IoT support on next-gen SOCs

Now, number 5-- I’m not entirely sure what that is going to mean in terms of the future-- what does better IoT support constitute?

  • Low energy usage?
  • Low component count?
  • Protocols like LoRA?
  • Something else?

Hi, Forks:
Check the Khadas Docs page for the CPU datasheet: