VIM4 Wi-Fi Capability

Hello @goenjoy @hyphop

We are using Wi-Fi of VIM4. for our application so while transmitting the data we are facing some issue. So any suggestions do you have to improve the Wi-Fi quality or else any different antenna we can use to get good quality. Please give us suggestions.

@VikasP What problems did you encounter? Can you describe it in more detail?

Yes @goenjoy

We have an application, where we are doing a multicast streaming, We need to understand how we can configure the wifi drivers for maximum throughput, it will give good latency and will perform better in the wifi interefence

@VikasP I’ve never heard of these configurations. Just like Ethernet. If you want fast Internet access, it is related to your AP. The board end is just the receiver.

Hi @goenjoy

Can suggest anything about antenna. for range should we use different antenna to improve the WiFi range

The WIFI antenna can be adjusted according to the different environment.

Hello @Totti

Can you please elaborate how we can adjust WiFi antenna.