VIM4, What is it? will it run Linux out of the box?


For quite some time I look for decent power efficient hardware to test out clustering.

The VIM4 looks awesome IO wise (Just would love an additional ethernet plug but I can work around this)
But what I not yet know, how is it bistro wise.
Can the board run for example Alma or Centos?

TLDR: Is there upstream support, Does the VIM4 work well with generic aarch64 isos

Not anytime soon.

No. There is no support yet. Its a complete new soc and need new drivers.

Maybe in few months or a year, it all depends on amlogic devs and community contributors.

You can run Ubuntu linux from Khadas source. If that will work for you then it’s good.

Yes, agree with you on that. Board would need some serious rework. Double stack the USB and add an additional ethernet. Then move the USB C over so its not such a tight fit.

Another would be to add some small connectors so the power and reset can be ran remotely.
Dump 20 or so pins from the GPIO header and just keep the UART(s), I2c,CAN exposed. That would free up some room. Or move the power and reset over to the GPIO header, its not easy mounting these in a metal enclosure.