Vim4 using vcl and installing chrome

I tried to install chrome and failed here, I tried to install vcl, which I need in my project and failed too. I’m using the last version of ubuntu from your site (22.04). Doo you know the solutions of these problems? And can be the problem in ubuntu 22.04?


Here are a few commands you can try

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:saiarcot895/chromium-beta
$ sudo apt remove chromium-browser
$ sudo snap remove chromium
$ sudo apt install chromium-browser

But they’re for chromium, and I want chrome…
The main problem is that I’m traing to open a stream of a web-vam in chromium and it always fails, but on chrome on my laptop it works perfectly + it’s few problems with vlc app, I can’t download it…

@Agent_kapo Sorry, it is not supported at the moment.I will pay attention to this problem and give you some advice.

Hello @Agent_kapo

There is no chrome support on the ARM platform only have chromium.