VIM4 Ubuntu 22.04 Linux 5.4 V1.2-221018 Release

Here we release the new version of Ubuntu 22.04 V1.2-221018 for VIM4.

Change logs:

  • U-Boot

    • Bug fixup
  • Linux

    • Update to version 5.4.180
    • Fix NVMe SSD stability issues
    • Add OS08A10 MIPI camera support
    • Add TS050 MIPI touchscreen support
    • Add HDMI+MIPI dual screen support (only for desktop, console doesn’t support dual disaplay)
    • Add RM500Q 5G module support
  • Ubuntu

    • Fix Wi-Fi latency issue

Note: About HDMI+MIPI dual display

  • Only support desktop
  • Server (console) image doesn’t support
  • MIPI screen is the primary display

Known Issues:

  • No HDMI hotplug
  • No audio of HDMI IN


  • Fix HDMI hotplug issue
  • Fix HDMI IN audio issue
  • Add more HDMI resolutions

Installation Guide

Install via OOWOW

If you want to do a full clean installation, you can use OOWOW to install the image online.

Upgrade from previous release

If you don’t want to reinstall the system, you can also use the simple commands below to upgrade your system to leatest version.

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt full-upgrade
$ sync
$ sudo reboot

Note: For OTA upgrade, current image must be previous release V1.1-220721.

By the way

Ths images are built using Fenix scripts, you can use it to build your own image!

Have fun!


Awesome to see this update! :smiley:
Hopefully those bugs can get fixed soon too

Does this update of the kernel mean we can also get oowow/krescue to display on TS050 ? :wink:


No, OOWOW still not support TS050 screen at this moment.

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awesome! can this release display 2k (2560x1440)?

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Hello @winslowb

More HDMI resolutions support are still work in progress, maybe for next release.