VIM4 - TvSettings - Bluetooth Discovery Disable

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For people living in apartment buildings or close range to their neighbours, it becomes a problem if they also use bluetooth devices like bluetooth remotes, earphones etc. then auto pairing requests appear on Vim & Edge devices.

There is a way to block it with an app called
Bluetooth Discovery Disabler to block your devices from being discovered by neighbours bluetooth devices while still using your own previously paired devices.

Can Khadas implement such a function in TvSettings(so it works in superceleron VIM4 atv & my Edge box firmwares that add TvSettings) so you can disable bluetooth discovery after you paired your own devices so it doesn’t constantly make your bluetooth discoverable or try to connect other people’s bluetooth devices in close range?

Maybe settings for

  1. Fully discoverable and pairable.
  2. Limit to devices already discovered.
  3. Limit to devices already paired.
  4. Completely disable Bluetooth