VIM4 RTC battery


  • If I understand correctly, Khadas does not sell a part for the battery for the VIM4, right ?

  • What would the usefulness be for adding a battery ? The battery of the VIM3 has a 600h lifetime, so that would need to be changed every month in the worst case ?

  • Would there be a way to connect a rechargeable battery and recharge it as on a regular PC ?

Just for info: the schematics on the Khadas website mention that the RTC battery header on the board is a BM02B-SURS-TF (top-entry type), but it actually seem to be a SM02B-SURS-TF (side-entry).

The RTC battery is the same between VIM3 and VIM4.

Currently, RTC batteries do not support recharging.

Thank you for pointing out the error. If there is any update later, we will arrange to change it as soon as possible.