VIM4 NPU mobilnetv2 example predictions

Hi @numbqq , @Louis-Cheng-Liu , !
I’ve run the MobilnetV2 example following the steps indicated here: VIM4 NPU Applications [Khadas Docs]
The example is working properly and I get the same outputs as the one reported in the tutorial:

997: 0.273438
886: 0.031250
108: 0.023438
109: 0.019531
127: 0.019531

However, when looking at the label classes (example here ) it doesn’t seems to make sense. I guess we expect a goldfish, but label 997 is a bolete. I’m I getting something wrong with the interpretation of the label classes ?

Hello @sinitame

@Louis-Cheng-Liu will help you there.

Hello @sinitame ,

Sry, the model is not trained by me and i can not find the label file. I guess the model’s class is not the same as it.
Your outputs is true means there is no problem with your operation. My outputs i run has no difference from you. You get nothing wrong.