VIM4 Mobile Build

I’ve just today received my order (#17336). Got almost everything put together and setup.

Went with the oowow-supplied 64bit Android 11 image.

I’ve already had to order a replacement gen2 dsi cable as the current cable trips the whole board. So I can only use the hdmi for output for now. Replacement is expected to take over a month to deliver (I’m not paying another express delivery charge for a $6 item - DHL even wanted another £100+ on top last time!).

5g modem works well. I did a speed test earlier; speeds weren’t exceptional, but that’s a network matter. It works well.

Camera doesn’t work at all. Plug it in and power on the board, and the board beeps constantly until powered off and camera removed. Then it boots fine again.

Overall: board works, 5g modem works, camera doesn’t, touch screen doesn’t. I’ve historically had nothing but good things to say about Khadas. I own a Vim3 Pro and an Edge 2 Pro, and they work perfectly. Disappointed this hasn’t completely worked out of the box. Hopefully the replacement gen2 cable will fix the touch screen issues. Not sure how to fix the camera issue.

@_brym What is your camera? Is it possible that the cable is plugged in backwards?

I’d considered this. It’s the IMX 415; the cable won’t actually go into the CSI connection the wrong way round for me. A blessing in disguise, perhaps. But frustrating nevertheless.

@_brym It seems that the camera is inserted backwards. Please take a photo to confirm.

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thanks, @goenjoy. this was the case. however, it only led to more problems.

running the camera app forces the board to restart. every time. without fail. at which point, it gets stuck in a reboot loop for an indeterminate number of reboots. so i have to leave the camera disconnected, making it seem like wasted money.

reboots also happen with aptoide tv. this app doesn’t even load properly. i have to right click the mouse from within the app after it hangs for a bit just to display the menu, which then reboots the board again.

this may not be of any use to your cause, but this reboot loop is very common when your vim board is not being supplied enough power to power the additional things you attach to it. worth you checking this at very least

Thanks, Shazam. I gave it more power, but the camera quality is so terrible. I’ll add a photo shortly.

One of the biggest problems though is that there appears to be no Phone by Google app. Searching on the Play Store shows nothing. So despite having the working 5g module with an activated and working sim, it seems like I can’t make phone calls. Unless there’s a phone app already on this Android image that I’m simply missing - but I have searched.

i had a quick look maybe read through this webpage and see if any of the alternative suggestions work for you. 12 Free Google Phone App Alternatives on Android

as for the camera…im not sure as i have not used a camera with my vim4 yet. maybe just double check the connector is fully inserted as it can be a bit tricky sometimes. also check that all drivers/software is installed to support it if any. this is as far as my help can go, maybe a khadas representative will respond soon if your issues still persist

for the camera, i’m unsure too. it’s one of the khadas cameras from their store. so it should work.

as for the phone app, thank you for the alternative list. i managed to find phone by google in the aptoide store. but it fails to install. …actually, while i type this and enjoy a bit of lunch on my break, i think the play store app is what’s forcing aptoide not to install it. i’ll test it right now…

…play store blocks it. it thinks the android image is for a tablet image for which phone by google isn’t compatible. it gives a “this tablet isn’t compatible with this app.” error when i go onto my play store profile, and look at apps not installed - as in apps i’ve had before or currently have on other android devices.

i think i can solve this with google voice for workspace. it’s free for personal use.

I just want to emphasise that the VIM4 with a 5g modem absolutely needs a USBC PD power supply anything else will give you constant reboots and crashes.

I also noticed that (on ubuntu at least) the imx415 only works in full 4k resolution - the downsscale to 1080p does horrible things to the image.

noted on the pd side. i’ve wiped android because of the dialler issue - who’d have thought it would be so difficult to install a dialler app on android? - but the ubuntu image is not much better.

i’m a fan of linux anyway, so i’m quite a bit more comfortable in this environment. but the bundled support for the modem is very lacking. it doesn’t even list 5g as an option in mobile settings, and in fact won’t let any option other than “2g, 3g, 4g” be selected without complaining that installed software modules are not supported (or words to that effect).

thinking this would mean i could only use up to 4g for now was wrong. it doesn’t allow using the modem at all. it’s disabled by default. enabling it through the gui settings didn’t change anything. changing it through the terminal didn’t change anything.

at this point, i think i’ll need to go directly to quectel for support on this unless it’s already been covered on the forums here. haven’t searched yet.

Hi @_brym could you provide more details regarding the error messages of fallback 3G, 4G bands not available ? which firmware did you use and obtain these errors ?

using nmcli connection show lists the new connection i created through the settings ui upon very first boot. but using sudo nmcli connection up 'connection name' always times out. and using nmcli device show will usually show GENERAL.STATE: 40 (connecting (prepare)) for the modem entry. but it does at least tell me it’s ttyUSB2 for my board.

so then i try echo AT+CSQ | socat - /dev/ttyUSB2,crnl, but this (along with every other AT command i try) always produces the response: Device or resource busy.

for what it’s worth, i managed to find this pdf online - i hope it’s useful to someone. i’ll read through it myself at some point, too:


@Electr1 the band list is simply what shows in the ubuntu settings ui. or at least used to. it doesn’t show at all now.

We have got good results by not using nmcli and going straight to the low level quectel drivers for 5g.

Here is a startup script we use (The first line is only needed for the RM520 module I think the 500 is already in the database)

modprobe usbserial vendor=0x2c7c product=0x0801
cd /home/khadas/quectel-CM
sleep 5
nohup ./quectel-CM -s -f modem.out &
echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf
echo "nameserver 2620:fe::9" >> /etc/resolv.conf

And here is how we install it:

sudo systemctl disable ModemManager.service 
sudo systemctl stop ModemManager.service 

cd /home/khadas 

git clone
cd /home/khadas/quectel-CM

This leaves /dev/ttyUSB2 available to access - we use minicom or cu .

Then we use
to figure out what connection has been achieved.
(Ignore the NOCONN in the result - it just means no audio call is in progress).

Hope that helps.

i’d like to say it helped. but the make failed with loads of indenting errors.