VIM4 HDMI input as camera?

OS: Android
Hello, I’m interested to purchase this board but I’m not sure about the capabilities of the HDMI input. My question is, can this port be used as the internal camera for the device? Let’s say I want to stream a video on a live streaming app that I installed from google playstore. When I start streaming, can the app see the HDMI input as camera? Is HDMI input connected to the MIPI-CSI ? I use usb video capture cards to stream video on other development boards. They don’t have HDMI input port. Some apps see the capture cards as web cam and some don’t work.
Any advise please?
Thanks in advance

@zet34 Currently, the system is not supported. I will inform you here after the support.

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OK thank you. Waiting

@zet34 HDMI_IN_AS_Camera_update.img
This firmware has used hdmi in as a camera device. So you can directly open the camera application or directly use the camera related api.
Try this firmware to see if it can meet your requirements?


Hello goenjoy
Thank you for the reply. I don’t have a VIM4 board at the moment. I didn’t have much information regarding the supported usage of HDMI input to meet my requirement therefore I was hesitating to buy the board. I could waste the money. I will order the board soon and test this update image. Best Regards

Good day.
could you add google services to this firmware?
Thank you!

@Pokoynick Does this feature meet your needs? In addition, it is planned to release a version of VIM4 firmware in the near future. Would you like to add this feature? Because this can cause a bug to exist:
Once the HDMI in is opened with the camera application. After that, the hdmi in option in the KSetting application has no effect. A reboot is required to take effect.


Thanks for the quick response!
I would be very grateful if this feature is added to the new firmware. It’s not scary to reboot the device for settings, maybe in the future your team will come up with some kind of switch and it will be very cool!
Best regards and thanks again!

@Pokoynick Due to this special requirement, it cannot be applied to official firmware versions. Because the test found the following two problems:

  1. The mipi camera cannot be turned on.
  2. Once the HDMI in is opened in a Camera application, the default method of opening the HDMI in is invalid. You need to restart the machine to open hdmi in the default way (provided that the Camera application cannot be opened).
    So here I will create a separate special firmware for this particular requirement.
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Hello. Thank you for the posts. It is good to see that HDMI in as camera feature improving. For me, restarting the computer is not an issue to be able to play the default hdmi stream. I’m not interested in that much really. Im just interested in HDMI in as camera feature. I haven’t been able to save money to make a budget to purchase the VIM4 yet but it is at the top my wish list and Im watching the topic very closely.
By the way, I have a question. Can audio within the hdmi input be processed as default microphone or default audio input device? Or only video without sound?
Best regards

in any case, it will be great, it’s nice to deal with such sympathetic people like you. Good luck and good mood! :handshake:


Yes, only video without sound, recording of sound is not supported.

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Today I’m ordering my VIM4 :grinning:
Best Regards

@Pokoynick A post usually only discusses one topic. Please reopen another post to discuss it. I will follow up and remove irrelevant replies in this post. In addition, there is a problem with the previously uploaded firmware. I have updated the link again. You need to download the firmware again.

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Can this feature be enabled if building the Android image ourselves?

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The corresponding patch has not been uploaded to github yet. We need to wait for the next version to be released. Three corresponding submissions need to be restored. Because the default patch is not applied to the code. If you urgently need it, I can send you the corresponding patch separately.

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Yes please, it is a critical feature for our project and would be great to get this working. Much appreciated!

@cadahl - Google Drive

I today received my VIM4 and so far all is good. I installed Android 11 64bit by owow to check the default performance. I’m really satisfied. From now on, how are we going to install the updated images for HDMI in as camera? Shall we make a clean installation to the EMMC from these images listed here or shall we use the updater tool in khadas settings? Which image should I download to get HDMI in work as Camera?
Best Regards

@zet34 Currently, you need to download the firmware linked above for EMMC installation. The next version of firmware release will default to supporting the functionality of using HDMI in as a camera.

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