Vim4 Boot From NVME Drive?

I’m starting over with my vim4 and want to know if it’s possible to boot from an attached nvme drive.

I had Ubuntu 22 installed on it, tried to move the home directory to the nvme, and managed to mess it up completely. So, I’m starting over fresh and would like everything to run on the nvme and nothing run on the emmc.

Hello @NullOrEmpty

Booting from NVMe SSD is not supported at this moment.

For the best performance, how would you recommend running ubuntu on the nvme?

Install it from oowow, then move the required directory(s) to the nvme?
update fstab

Hello @NullOrEmpty

Current u-boot doesn’t support NVMe SSD, we will check this issue on our side.

Thank you.

I’ve switched hardware for the project I’m working on, but I appreciate your team’s support!